Sea Glass Collecting, Crafting and Jewelry Making

Jonna Marie collecting sea glass at La Jolla, San Diego

Hi, I’m Jonna Marie. Welcome to Beach Lust!

I was born and raised in Southern California (South Bay). I have been lucky enough to live close to the beach throughout my life and it has always been my happy place.

Ever since I spotted a piece of sea glass laying on the sand, I have been in love with it. It’s incredibly exciting to find a new piece, especially if it is an interesting shape. My favourite color of sea glass is aqua, even though it’s not the most rare color to find.

I remember the first sea glass I ever found. It was at Morro Bay, California and a beautiful aqua color. As I walked along the beach, I saw the sun reflect on the glass and I couldn’t wait to pick up my first piece of beach treasure! That glass sits proudly on my shelf at home, along with the other sea glass I found the same weekend.

These days, I search the beach as often as possible. My sea glass collection grows every single week and I now have glass from around the world.

The one place I always love visiting is Seaham, United Kingdom. There was a glass factory located there many years ago with plenty of glass discarded into the North Sea. Every day, more beach treasure is washed up onto the shore after it has been tumbling in the waves for all those years.

Sea glass on Glass Beach, Fort Bragg.

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