Sea Glass Hunting at Capistrano Beach, Dana Point

Capistrano Beach, aka Capo Beach, San Clemente, California

Capistrano Beach Park is known locally as Capo Beach. We love it there because it's right off the   freeway, has lots of parking and it's close to local eateries. But is it good for sea glass hunting?

hand full of Capo Beach sea glass orange green lime green

In this post, I will let you know all about:

  • Is there sea glass at Capo Beach?
  • Amenities at the beach
  • ​How to get there
  • Sea glass discoveries

Is there sea glass at Capo Beach?

I've found some great sea glass treasures, however it varies daily.

I usually start off by walking towards the right (in the direction of Dana Point Harbor) for about a mile, scanning the many piles of rocks and pebbles along the waters edge.

We comb the beach frequently and find quite a bit of sea glass, mostly smaller but also nice large pieces and some great bonfire glass.

Of course, the most common colors are green, clear/white and brown, with the occasional red or cobalt blue.

During one visit, my fiancé and I found a beautiful light blue frosted marble!

Light blue frosted sea glass marble resting on pebbles on Capo Beach, Dana Point

About Capo Beach

Capistrano Beach Park is in between Dana Point and San Clemente, to the south of Doheny State Beach.

It's popular with beach goers and surfers, but it doesn't really get over crowded.

The beach is often cool and foggy in the morning, though the fog burns off as the sun comes out.

What's there?

  • A basketball court
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Wheelchair access 
  • Outdoor shower
  • Plenty of pay parking

How to get to Capistrano Beach Park

Address: 35005 Beach Road, Dana Point, CA 92624

  • From Interstate 5, take the PCH/Beach Cities exit.
  • Be ready to take the next right exit which comes up quickly.
  • Turn left at the light and go under the bridge with beach on your right.
  • Turn right on Palisades/Beach Road into the parking lot.
  • Watch for people riding bikes as you turn in.

Capo Beach sea glass
Large vase filled with sea glass sitting on table
Piece of green sea glass in hand on the beach with sand and waves behind
Large pile of Capo Beach sea glass shaped into a heart on a table
two pieces of bonfire sea glass on the sand in Capo Beach

February 2017 Update

Wow! The recent storms and high surf have really churned up lots of wave tumbled sea glass beauties onto my local beach. We only spent about an hour walking on the beach each day and really found quite a bit more sea glass than usual.

​Winter really is the best time for sea glass hunting.!

Lavender sea glass Capo Beach, California.

Look at this big piece of purple sea glass.

Capo Beach green sea glass.

Nice piece of smooth and frosty sea glass.

Blue sea glass and lavender sea glass Capo Beach, California

Just some of my favorites from the last two days. 



I have been gathering sea glass for many years. I can never resist a stroll along the beach and the opportunity to add some more beach treasure to my collection!

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