Sea Glass Beach Reports

Ryhope Beach

Sea Glass Treasure Hunting at Ryhope Beach (near Seaham)

After stocking up on sea glass at Seaham, we decided to head a little north to Ryhope to see if we could find more beach treasure. This is what we...

Rosario Beach, Fidalgo Island

Collecting Sea Glass at Rosario Beach, Fidalgo Island

We take you on a very special journey to Rosario Beach, Fidalgo Island; a place that is rich with sea glass treasures and tales of a Native American mermaid.

Searching for sea glass on Bush Point Beach, Whidbey Island, Washington

Sea Glass Treasure at Bush Point, Whidbey Island, Washington

We visited Bush Point, a secluded beach on Whidbey Island in Washington state and found handfuls of frosted sea glass in no time at all. Check out our photos!

Sea glass found at Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington

Alki Beach, Seattle: An Amazing Sea Glass Hunting Spot!

I will show you how to find a handful of sea glass in just a few minutes at Alki Beach, Seattle. Here's everything you need to know before you jump...

Image of more than 100 pieces of Glass Beach, Port Townsend, Washington sea glass on a wooden board.

Amazing! Sea Glass Hunting at Glass Beach, Port Townsend

This is the one sea glass beach in the United States which you MUST visit; a hike through beautiful and mysterious scenery, then your beach treasure reward!

Pacific ocean washing sea glass onto Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

The Fascinating History of Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was a huge event in history. It's the reason why we are able to enjoy Glass Beach today and here's how it happened.

Sea glass on Glass Beach, Fort Bragg.

Complete Guide to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg (2016 Update)

Everything you need to know in order to plan your sea glass hunting trip to Glass Beach; the history of Fort Bragg, where to park, where to stay and lots...

A view of Davenport Beach, California with waves crashing on the beach.

Does Davenport Beach Have the Best Sea Glass in the World?

Davenport, California is well known for incredible sea glass. It has been washing up on the beach ever since a large storm cleared out an art glass studio many years...