Where to Find Sea Glass at Laguna Beach, Orange County

Collecting sea glass at Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach is an artist colony located in Southern California.

It's home to the Sawdust Arts Festival and well known Pageant of the Masters.

There are several beaches and coves in Laguna Beach; 36 to be exact.

They are easily some of the most picturesque beaches I've ever seen.

Many of the beaches and have secret coves, blow holes, natural arches and one even has a pirate tower!

With incredible tide pools and excellent water clarity, Laguna Beach is a favorite for divers, beach combers and sea glass hunters.

Is there sea glass in Laguna Beach?

Girls hand holding a sea shell filled with green and blue sea glass in Laguna Beach.

Yes, although some coves and beaches are better than others.

Also, some locations are harder to get to; lots of stairs, climbing over rocks etc.

While I haven't been to all of the beaches in Laguna yet, I'm ticking them off one by one so that you will know exactly where to go.

 I'll even share my favorite spots where my friends and I have found the best sea glass.

#1 Thousand Steps Beach

There aren't really a thousand steps, though 230 is enough!

​There are caves at both ends of Thousand Steps Beach, the caves and tunnel at the north end lead to a tiny hidden beach only accessible at low tide.

  • The stairs are steep and sandy but it's a great work out.
  • This beach has stunning tide pools so be sure to check tide times.
  • There are nice, clean public restrooms with showers at the bottom of the stairs.

There is plenty of parking on Coast Highway if you get there early. 

The entrance to Thousand Steps Beach is a bit hidden, so keep an eye out.​

The entrance is located at 9th avenue and Coast Highway with street parking on Coast. 

I have found a few pieces of sea glass, mostly green and clear beer bottle glass not fully cooked but fine for crafts or just displaying in a clear vase.

Do you have a favorite sea glass hunting spot that you found whle on vacation?  I'd love to hear from you and share your beautiful sea glass photo's...

#2 West Street Beach

This beach is located at West and Coast Highway. There is plenty of street parking.

The entrance to the beach is next to the 'do not enter' sign (for Bluff Drive)

I have found lots of really small pieces here right around the large rocks, pictured at the top of this post.

Mostly greens and browns.

​This is a great beach, click here to see some instagram pics of West Street Beach.

  • Tide pools and volley ball nets.
  • no restrooms

#3 Woods Cove

Nicknamed "Lovers Cove" by the locals this beautiful beach has rocky points at both ends.

It's located at Diamond Street and Ocean Way.

View from the top of Woods Cove in Laguna Beach.

Iv'e heard that in the 1920's during prohibition smugglers would dock their boats off a makeshift dock near the north end of Woods cove and drink their cargo as they unloaded it then throw the bottles off the dock to the rocks below.

The day that we visited Woods Cove, high tide was at 3:30 pm.

It was a very hot late July afternoon and of course all of the Laguna beaches were loaded with locals and visitors.

View of Woods Cove looking to the north on the beach in Laguna Beach.

I have friends who have said that they have found some nice old, frosted sea glass at this cove however, sadly we did not find any sea glass on the day that we that we were there.

But with the tide pools and rock arch at the south end, we did not leave too disappointed.

The entire beach can become wet at high tide so plan accordingly.

I will definitely go back to Woods Cove and look for sea glass again.

  • Life guards, no restrooms
  • dogs are ok after 6:00 pm on a leash

#4 Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach is located at Sunset Terrace and Victoria, with the entrance right next to a pretty blue house at 2713 Victoria Drive.

View of ocean, beach umbrellas and rocks at Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach.

There is also an easier public beach access ramp at the end of Dumond Drive, it's steep and sandy but easier.

View from the top of Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach.

You must go to this beach and I'll tell you why.

To the right of the stairs hike over some rocks and around the point and you will find the hidden and beautiful pirate tower right on the sand, it's actually a private staircase built in the 1920's.

Make sure you go at low tide to see the tower and salt water pool or shortly before or after low tide if you want there to be water in the pool.

Wear appropriate shoes for climbing over rocks and be careful not to disturb the tide pools.

Don't park in the neighborhood, Laguna police love to ticket.

We found several nice medium size and smaller frosted pieces of sea glass. 

This is really a special beach and the photo ops are a photographers dream.

  • Tide pools, pirate tower, salt water pool.
  • No restrooms.

Laguna Beach Parking Tips

The beach area is always pretty busy here, even more so in the summer.

Finding a parking spot can be a challenge, Its best to get there early, before 10:00 am if possible.

I try to avoid driving at noon since there are so many restaurants it makes looking for a parking spot even more difficult.

There are several spots all along Coast Highway, most other spots are metered and may have a 3 hr. limit.

There are also a few pay parking lots.

I suggest parking where you can and taking the free summertime beach trolley to the beach you have chosen.

You will see the beach trolley signs all along PCH.

It also goes to **Dana Point, Capo Beach and San Clemente Beaches.

And did I mention it's FREEEEE.

Remember mother nature can be fickle.

Iv'e seen a beach full of rocks and pebbles one day and none the next day, Iv'e also found a hand full of frosted pieces of sea glass one day and zip the next day.

Bring your camera, sun block, a hat and a beach towel and enjoy yourself meet new beach glass collectors along the way.

An don't forget any day at the beach is a good day.



I have been gathering sea glass for many years. I can never resist a stroll along the beach and the opportunity to add some more beach treasure to my collection!

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  1. I was at Woods Cove the other day and there was not one shell or piece of glass! Really strange! I was thinking I’d have to go to Florida!

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