Sea Glass at Shell Beach, La Jolla | San Diego, California

Looking for sea glass at Shell Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, California

This is an amazing place for sea glass hunting! There is sea glass almost everywhere you look and more is deposited on the beach with every breaking wave.

I found found some pretty big pieces of sea glass here in a number of colors, including aqua, green, clear, brown and blue.

La Jolla is easily one of my favorite beaches in California for collecting sea glass and sea shells because there are so many to find.

The tide pools are impressive and there is often a waterfall cascading from the rocky cliffs.

Searching for sea glass in the La Jolla tidepools, San Diego

About La Jolla

La Jolla - also known as 'Jewel City' - is an affluent city within the San Diego area.

It is situated along 7 miles of beautiful Pacific coastline and, as you can imagine, it's very popular with visitors - and seals!

You will find a large number of seals basking on the rocks and enjoying the sun as much as we do!

Seal basking on rocks at Seal Beach, La Jolla

Getting to La Jolla

Driving to La Jolla is very easy, though parking can sometimes be a challenge. If you're patient enough, a parking spot will open up though everyone else will be after the same one!

There is some paid parking which, at the time of writing, cost $2 per half hour.

Access to many of the beaches is tricky.

There is a staircase down to Shell Beach, but then you need to clamber over a number of large boulders which can be covered in slippery sea moss.

Take your time and be safe, it's well worth it!

Top of the staircase leading down to Shell Beach, La Jolla
Rocks at the bottom of the staircase at Shell Beach, La Jolla

Best Sea Glass Finds at La Jolla

Here are my best finds so far from the beaches at La Jolla.

Sea glass haul collected at Shell Beach, La Jolla
Sea glass heart found at Shell Beach, La Jolla


I have been gathering sea glass for many years. I can never resist a stroll along the beach and the opportunity to add some more beach treasure to my collection!


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