Sea Glass Hunting at Beautiful Kinney Shores Beach

Kinney Shores Beach in Saco, Maine is such a great little beach to have right at your doorstep. Even better if it contains sea glass and other beachy treasures!

Don't worry, It only looks like a private beach, but it's open to the public. You just have to know where to park!.Read on to find out all you need and to see what we found.

All About the Beach

Grassy beach entrance to Kinney Shores Beach, Maine.

I just love the grassy beach entrances.

This little beach is tucked right in the middle of the neighborhood, with the access sliced right in between two houses so we almost missed it. Be sure that you only park in the designated street parking spots or risk being ticketed and even towed.

Even if you get here early you may need to drive around a few times waiting for a spot. If you are staying nearby you can purchase a parking permit from the City Hall or Police Department.

Kinney Shores Beach happens to be one of the more dog friendly beaches, your fur babies are allowed all day as long as they are on a leash, unlike most Maine beaches that have limited doggy hours. 

Sandy beach and blue ocean at Kinney Shores Beach, Maine.

Where Do You Find Sea Glass

The beach access point is at Shore Ave. You are immediately greeted by white fluffy sandy beaches and deep blue crystal clean water. The sand becomes much more course near the water.

This was one of those times that my hubby gave me fifteen minutes to check out the beach since we had several sea glass hunting spots to cover that day. Did you know that Maine has over five thousand miles of coastal shoreline?

I found three pieces of sea glass including the cobalt blue piece. All of the sea glass that I found on this beach were considered craft quality sea glass. Because this is a smooth sandy beach and I didn't notice any rocks or pebble patches, I would guess that this might not be a great place for finding sea glass.

Blue sea glass in the sand at Kinney Shores Beach, Maine.

Keep in mind, the amount of sea glass that you might find on most any beach can change daily due to the tides and the weather.

This is a nice swimming beach even though the water is always a bit chilly (it is Maine after all!). The nice thing is that the beach has a lifeguard from 10-5pm late June until mid August 7 days a week for safe swimming.

Sand Dollar in the sand on the beach at Kinney Shores.

Mermaid Money!

What You Need to Know

  • Limited street Parking, mind the parking signs.
  • Enjoy fishing, surfing and swimming.
  • Dog friendly beach with some restrictions.
  • Lifeguards on the beach during summer season. 
  • Tide pools.

Getting to Kinney Shores Beach

Have you visited Kinney Shores? What mermaid treasures did you find? Share your pictures and finds here!

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