Sea Glass at the Exclusive 40 Steps Beach in Nahant!

A wide range of sea glass and mermaid loot abound in this tucked away, must-visit beach. 40 Steps Beach is in a magnificent location that's hidden from outsiders. Lucky for us, a local shared this fabulous tip with us and we were able to explore. Read on to see what treasures I found including what you need to know before your visit!

All About the Beach

40 Steps Beach in Nahant, Mass is a cozy neighborhood beach located on Nahant Road in Nahant, Massachusetts. This beach is small, so I would only plan to go here during low tide. It's located right in the middle of a very well-to-do neighborhood with huge fancy houses. I was told about this beach by one of the locals I met in a gift shop in town. He said he's found marbles, bottle stoppers and whole bottles too. So the Mr. and I decided to add this beach to the list.

Image of brown sea glass laying on colorful pebbles on 40 Steps Beach, Nahant, Massachusetts.

Pretty little treasures!

Where Do You Find Sea Glass

The beach is very tidy and was loaded with millions of tiny smooth pebbles and not much sand. Which is just perfect for trapping sea glass, but I was happily surprised at the amount of beautiful little mermaid tears that I found. Every time I brushed away a layer of colorful pebbles close to the water's edge, I would see three to five sweet little gems glistening in the sun.

Yellow sea glass in pebbles on 40 Steps Beach, Nahant, Massachusetts.

Oh! hello yellow.

I scored mainly clear, brown, green, aqua, two blue, a yellow and one teal. I would say that many of these small well tumbled beauties are jewelry grade and a few are craft grade.

Sea glass in several colors such as green, brown, aqua sea glass, teal sea glass and clear sea glass on a pebbly beach at 40 Steps Beach in Nahant, Massachusetts.

The beach was once forty steps down, but with erosion over the years, more steps were added to access the beach. Because large rock formations surround the beach, it's a popular spot for cliff jumping off and into the water.

Steps down to the beach at 40 teps, Nahant, Massachusetts.

I have included a photo of a parking lot near 40 steps beach but it's a private lot across from another beach cove. The lot requires a town permit and is strictly enforced. It's right next to Northeastern University Marine Science Center. Strangely this 2nd little beach had no sea glass on this day even though it's just a few yards away from 40 steps beach. If you're in the area I'd check out both beaches.

Image of parking lot near 40 Steps Beach, Nahant, Massachusetts.

Private Lot!

Note: There is NO street parking at all, I heard that the police will ticket, so my hubby gave me 15 minutes (he does that a lot! LOL) to run down to the beach and check it out. Honestly, I'd find a safe place to park and Uber there. I could have spent all day just digging for sea glass. This is a great beach for sea glass and pebble collectors.

What You Need to Know

  • The beach is pretty small and there may not be much of it during high tide.
  • Check the tides.
  • No parking.
  • There are about 40 steps or more down to the beach.
  • No restrooms.
  • No dogs on the beach May-September.
  • The beach is open sunrise to sunset.

Getting to 40 Steps Beach

Have you visited 40 Steps Beach? What mermaid treasures did you find? Let me know what you found in the comments section below!

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  1. Don’t understand how you can “check out both beaches” in Nahant when “non-residents” can’t park anywhere. They obviously do not welcome anyone outside their exclusive community.


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