Sea Glass Searching at East Point Beach: Secret Blue Lagoon

Get the inside scoop on this well-kept, secret neighborhood beach! I'll tell you everything you need to know about finding sea glass on East Point Beach, Biddeford, Maine

All About the Beach

This majestic little beach is a bit of a secret, and the residents of this secluded beachfront village would like to keep it that way. The day we visited there was only one other person walking on the beach. The quiet neighborhood East Point Beach is just 40 minutes away from Portland, Maine. The beach is covered in rocks of all sizes, from tiny pebbles to huge boulders with little sand so sturdy shoes are a must! Other that some seaweed the water is crystal clear and has a sandy bottom, I was tempted to take a dip but it was too chilly for this California girl.

It's also just steps away from the historic walking trail, East Point Santuary which is located at the tip of the peninsula with gorgeous views of Maine coast Wood Island Lighthouse. Pack a blanket and a picnic lunch just be sure to carry out whatever you bring as there are no bins.

View of East Point Beach Cove, Biddeford, Maine.

Another hidden gem!

Where Do You Find Sea Glass

We arrived at East Point beach about two hours before low tide, which was perfect for checking out the secluded pool like coves between the large boulders. I found this pretty little white jelly bean glistening in one of these beautiful pools just as the water receded. It wasn't until I returned home that I noticed it wasn't as white as the rest of my white sea glass, but it had just the slightest hint of pink.

We found several other pieces of sea glass like the gorgeous cobalt blue sea glass in the photo above and the green sea glass below just laying on top of the dry stones closer to the high tide line near the road.

Gloved hand holding white sea glass on East Point Beach, Biddeford, Maine.

She's perfect! just a hint of pink sea glass.

Green sea glass and brown sea glass hiding in the pebbles on East Point Beach, Biddeford, Maine.

What You Need to Know

  • Not really a flip-flop beach, the beach is loaded with rocks and wet boulders of all sizes.
  • View of Wood Island Lighthouse in the distance.
  • Street parking along Orcutt Blvd. 
  • There are no facilities or trash bins.
  • Just steps away from East Point Sanctuary.
  • Some climbing.
  • This is a narrow section of beach so check the tides.
View of a rocky cove at East Point Beach, Biddeford, Maine.

Careful, rocky cove!

Beachfront street sign near East Point Sanctuary and East Point Beach, Biddeford, Maine.

Getting to East Point Beach

To get to the beach follow Lester B. Orcutt Blvd. to the end where it meets Ocean Ave. There is usually parking available along L.B. Orcutt Blvd. The East Point Sanctuary trail gate entrance is on the left if you are facing the beach.The entrance to the beach is to the right on Ocean Ave.

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