Search for Elusive Sea Glass at Atlantic City Beach

Atlantic City is steeped in history. Since the mid-1850's, tourists have flocked to this beach-side resort destination. Despite prohibition in the 1920's, the partying continued. To avoid arrest, many a bootlegger dumped their illegal hootch in the Atlantic Ocean. So with all of this history, is Atlantic City a place to search for (and find) sea glass? Read on to find out what I discovered along with everything you need to know before your visit!

All About the Beach

Soft sand & wide beaches make the hunt for sea glass in Atlantic City, NJ fabulously fun! Sadly, the Atlantic City beaches aren't the cleanest in New Jersey. This may be due to the "party town" atmosphere and that it's not a dry town (there are several seaside towns in New Jersey that are "dry" including Cape May). On the positive side, we gathered some trash as we combed the beach! 

Where Do You Find Sea Glass

While we found some pretty shells and enjoyed our walk along the surf, we didn't find any sea glass. In 2012, the New Jersey beaches were devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the areas that were once exposed and filled with sea glass are now covered up. Beach restoration is ongoing and new sand is brought in when needed to ensure the boardwalk and hotels are protected. However, you never know what the ocean is going to give back, especially after a storm or full moon, so don't totally give up hope!

What You Need to Know

  • Free beach.
  • Food permitted.
  • Lifeguards.
  • Restrooms and Showers.
  • Surfing, kayaking, windsurfing & fishing.
  • Parking garages and metered parking.
  • Boardwalk with food & amusement rides.
  • Casinos, fine dining, entertaiment.
  • Absecon Lighthouse.

New Jersey's Tallest Lighthouse!

Historic Absecon Lighthouse

Be sure to make time to visit Absecon Lighthouse, located at Pacific and Rhode Island Avenues. Climb to the top and see spectacular views of the Atlantic City skyline.

Quick Facts about Atlantic City's Lighthouse

First lit up the sky to guide ships in 1857.
New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse (171 feet tall!).
Third tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States.
228 steps to the top.
Open year round (hours vary).
FREE parking & admission to the Keeper's House Museum, Exhibits, Gift Shop & Grounds.
Dogs on welcome on their two acre lawn.

Learn more about Absecon Lighthouse's history, pricing, and discounts here.

Getting to Atlantic City Beach

Easily access the beach from anywhere on the boardwalk. The boardwalk is between New Hampshire & Bartram Avenues. 

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