East Point Beach: Spectacular for Sea Glass Hunting

This was a beautiful day on East Point Beach with the picturesque East Point Lighthouse in the background. This little spot is truly a hidden gem (Shhhh - don't tell anyone)! Read on to see what treasures I found including what you need to know before your visit!

All About the Beach

This is a good beach for sea glass lovers. The small beach and lighthouse are at the end of Lighthouse Rd. in Maurice River Township. This is also where you will find the parking lot. It's off the beaten path so bring water and snacks. It was a gorgeous day but we had the whole beach to ourselves. The beach joins the salt marsh and there is also a boat ramp that provides access to Maurice River and Delaware Bay.

Hand holding a piece of smooth wave tumbled green sea glass on the beach in New Jersey.

Smooth bottle lip.

Where Do You Find Sea Glass

East Point is where the Delaware River and the mouth of the Maurice River meet. There have been hundreds of nearby shipwrecks along the New Jersey Coast as well as severe storms which helps to make this a really good area for finding sea glass, vintage bottles and other treasures. It's also a great place to look for fossilized shark's teeth.

I'm holding in my hand a large piece of smooth sea glass on the beach in New Jersey.

The glass making industry is one of the oldest and most successful industries in Southern New Jersey. Lucky for us, all of these factories were built along the rivers. These rivers flow to the oceans... ya see where I'm going here? See below for information on nearby Millville, home to the Wheaton Glass Factory. 

Fingers holding up a piece of cobalt blue sea glass on the beach in New Jersey.

Pretty little cobalt blue mermaid tears sea glass

What You Need to Know

  • The beach is pretty small and there may not be much of it during high tide.
  • Check the tides.
  • Bring bug spray in the warmer months.
  • The lighthouse hours vary by season.
  • Gift shop is cash only.
  • Port-A-Potty
  • Free parking
Many pieces of green, blue, brown and white sea glass laying on the sand at the beach.

I've been collecting sea glass since 2005 and I love the thrill of finding sea glass on the beach. I found about fifteen pieces of nicely frosted sea glass in twenty minutes of searching. I'd say East Point Lighthouse and beach was definitely worth it.

Historic East Point Lighthouse

This historic and still active lighthouse has guided commercial fishermen and pleasure boaters since 1849 making it one of the oldest lighthouses in New Jersey. It's distinctive Cape Cod style was the inspiration for many early lighthouses built on the Pacific Coast.

You really get an incredible sense of the history of this place just from touring the grounds. It's like stepping back in history. Delaware Bay also sits in the middle of the migration path of many species of birds.

The gorgeous two story brick structure is whitewashed and has a bright red roof with a black lantern light room on top. It has been fuly restored inside and out and is filled with period furnishings. When the Lighthouse, you can climb all the way up to the lantern room. 

This is honestly one of the most spectcular natural vistas and historical treasures. Learn more about East Point Lighthouse here.

East Point Lighthouse Cape May New Jersey

Getting to East Point Beach

East Point Beach, Heislerville, NJ is at the end of Lighthouse Road. Finding the beach can be a bit tricky, it's a tiny dirt road (we passed it the first time).

Museum of American Glass

Did you know the American glass industry began in southern New Jersey? This was due to the availability of natural resources such as wood, sand, soda ash and silica. The nation’s earliest successful glass factory was founded here in 1739 by a German immigrant and Quaker named Caspar Wistar in nearby Salem County in Millville. Many of the nation’s foremost glass factories operate in South Jersey.

As part of out girls day out we visited Wheaton Glass Factory and Museum of American Glass. 

"The comprehensive collection ranges from Early American bottles and flasks, Mason jars and paperweights, to outstanding work from today’s exciting contemporary glass artists". Talk about sea glass heaven!

Have you visited East Point Beach and Lighthouse? What mermaid treasures did you find? Let me know what you found in the comments section below!

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