Book Review: Sea Glass Treasures from the Tide (Cindy Bilbao)

This is a book filled with stunning photographs. Cindy has used a variety of natural backgrounds for her sea glass photos, such as sea shells, driftwood and beach landscapes.

When the book first arrived, I spent that afternoon drooling over the pictures! I refer back to it often for photo ideas and inspiration for my own sea glass photography projects. Each time I pick up the book, I'm left yearning for the beach and my next sea glass hunting trip!

I have added a number of the beach locations which Cindy mentions to my 'must visit' list, including Southern New Jersey, Maine and Cape Cod.

There's not too much text to read in "Sea Glass Treasures From The Tide" but you are not going to worry about that one bit! If you're like me - a sea glass addict - the gorgeous photos are going to leave you excited about showing off your own collection.

I absolutely recommend grabbing a copy of this book. It's going to look great on your coffee table and might even inspire your friends and family to become sea glass addicts too!

Sea glass holds intrinsic value because of the mysteries it carries. A quality piece is old, it has been submerged in the ocean waters for many, many years until the sharp edges have become smooth and rounded. Questions about what it used to be in its original form, where it came from, and how it ended up on a particular beach all beg to be answered for the person who found it.

Cindy Bilbao

Book Details

  • Author: Cindy Bilbao
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ​Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
  • Publishing date: 29 April 2014

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