Sea Glass Books

Pure Sea Glass Identification Cards

Pure Sea Glass Identification Card Deck (You Need This!)

The Pure Sea Glass Identification Card Deck was put together by Richard LaMotte. It is the perfect way to identify sea glass colors while on the beach!

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Complete List of Favorite Sea Glass Books (Updated 2017)

We all love to gaze at sea glass, don't we? Instagram and Facebook are great, but there's nothing quite like turning page after page of glossy photos!

A Sea Glass Journey by Teri Hall

“A Sea Glass Journey” by Teri Hall

You will love this book! It's packed with information and there are plenty of amazing sea glass photos. You will even find some poetry. Gorgeous!

The front cover of Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook by C.S. Lambert.

Book Review: Sea Glass Hunter’s Handbook by Carole Lambert

What to find more sea glass? This book tells you exactly where (and where not) to go. It's a great book by renowned sea glass author, Carole Lambert.

Coastal Crafts book by Cynthia Shaffer

Coastal Crafts: Decorative Seaside Projects to Inspire Your Inner Beachcomber

Read my review of Cynthia Shaffer's book, "Coastal Crafts" which will give you lots of ideas for crafting with your own beach treasure.

Sea Glass Treasures from the Tide book by Cindy Bilbao

Book Review: Sea Glass Treasures from the Tide (Cindy Bilbao)

This is a book filled with stunning photographs. Cindy has used a variety of natural backgrounds for her sea glass photos, such as sea shells, driftwood and beach landscapes.