Book Review: Sea Glass Hunter’s Handbook by Carole Lambert

This is a great compact guide book for anyone who wants to find more sea glass, with plenty of information about where and why some locations are better than others.

Page 23 is my favorite; it lists 80 shipwrecks by name in Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts from 1804 to 1990. That's a lot of sea glass and great news for us beachcombers!

I added Lewes Beach, Delaware to my list of beaches to explore after reading about the Severn, a 200-ton British merchant ship which sank in 1774, laden with china, bottles of mineral water and pipes.​Imagine the beach treasure washing up from all that lot. I hope there's still plenty for me to find when I get there!​

The Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook might be small, but it's loaded with useful information, sea glass hunting tips, short personal stories and beautiful photos.

Maybe it's the way that nature takes something mundane, like a broken bottle, and turns it into something beautiful.

C.S. Lambert

Book Details

  • Author: C.S. Lambert
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ​Publisher: Down East Books
  • Publishing date: November 16, 2010
The front cover of Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook by C.S. Lambert.

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