Sea Glass

Blue, yellow, green, brown and aqua sea glass colors.

Sea Glass Color: Complete Guide to Origin and Rarity

The sea glass you find on the beach can be one of many colors and some are much more rare than others, here is my complete guide.

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California covered in sea glass.

14 Best Tips for Sea Glass Collectors

From checking tide times to sharing Instagram details, here are my best tips for sea glass collectors. Which are your favorites? Do you have any to share?

A selection of sea glass found at Seaham, United Kingdom.

What is Sea Glass? We Reveal the Secrets of Beach Treasure

Have you ever wondered where sea glass comes from? Here's the amazing story of how sea glass makes the journey from trash to treasure.

Large supermoon over the ocean.

Supermoon: Sea Glass Hunter’s Dream

Find out why a supermoon is fantastic news for sea glass collectors. Make sure you put the date of the next supermoon on your calendar!

Blue, green, clear and aqua sea glass on a natural wood background.

How Does Sea Glass End Up on the Beach?

Have you ever wondered how sea glass ends up on the beach? We've done our research and here are all the things you ever wanted to know!

Holding a piece of green sea glass at the beach with the sun shining through it.

How is Sea Glass formed?

We explain how sea glass is formed, where it comes from, what it's made of and how long it takes tumbling around in the surf.

Seaham sea glass

Top Tip: How to Find More Sea Glass (Video)

Here's my top tip on how to find more sea glass. Rather than walk on by and miss it, you can find so much more in no time at all!

Waves crashing onto a beach, bringing sea glass ashore.

How Do Tides Work?

We discover why we have tides, how tides form, the moon's effect on the tides, types of tides and more. It's a 'tide' of information (sorry!)